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Three Bays


Three Bays is exclusive. Our source is a 900-metre deep spring and the water surfaces naturally, without drills or bores. Only 22,000 litres ascend to the surface per day.


It is the purest known mineral water brand with nitrate levels of 0.008 milligrams per litre.
It has one of the highest known mineral contents, with 1,300 milligrams per litre in Total Dissolved Solids.


Three Bays contains 95% of the minerals required for good health.


It contains 23 out of the 24 minerals considered essential for good health, including rare-to-find minerals zinc, vanadium, selenium and iodine.


Three Bays’ 23 minerals are complementary to its ideal-size water molecule cluster.

It has the rare combination of high-Magnesium-to-low-Calcium ratio.


At 1,700 microSiemens per centimetre, its conductivity is the same as that which fires the neurons of the human brain.


With a pH of 8.3 it is naturally alkaline, which contributes to good health.