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How water from a Mornington Peninsula farm became a hit with Hollywood stars

Water from a Red Hill hobby farm has become a global sensation and got the seal of approval from Hollywood stars.


Three Bays Water has been recognised twice by the Fine Water Society as the most unique water in the world.


Recently its popularity surged, after it was tested by Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick in a Netflix documentary, Down to Earth, which is yet to be released in Australia.


But Three Bays Water owners, Dayle Purcell and her husband Olaf, had no idea how unique the water was when they purchased their Red Hill property.


For the first two years they owned the farm, they used the water on their garden.


One of their friends tasted the water and told them it was “the most delicious water” he’d ever tried — and Three Bays Water was born.


“The source of our water is called the Paleolithic basement … so the water is travelling around 900 metres to reach the surface,” Ms Purcell told Dee Dee.


“It does the full journey itself but that journey takes about 2000 years.


“It’s going through soil that’s completely untouched by industry or agriculture, or anything that would put impurities into the soil.”


There are 23 minerals found in Three Bays Water, far more than in standard tap water.


“If you went to a supermarket and you took a bottle of water off the shelf, and you had a look at the mineral content, you’d be lucky to get seven or eight minerals,” Ms Purcell said.


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